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he king●,' said More, 'for shutting me up ■in this prison, whereby he has● put me in a condition to make suitabl●e preparation for death. The only favor I beg of● him is, that my daughter may be pres

e●nt at my {73} burial.' Pope lef●t the cell in tears. Then the pris●oner put on a fine silk robe w●hich his wealthy friend Bonvisi■, the merchant of Lucca, had given him. 'Leav●e that dress here,' said Kingston, ■'for the man to whom it falls by custom is only● a jailer.'—'I cannot look upon that ma■n as a jailer,'


answered More, 'who opens ■the gates of heaven for me.' =EXECUTION OF SIR ■THOMAS MORE.= At nine o'clock the ■proces

sion quitted the Tower. Mor●e was calm, his face pale, hi

s beard long and cu●rly; he carried a crucifix in his hand, an?/p>

鰀 his eyes were often turned towards heaven. A ■numerous



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